Terkenlis / Nea Raidestos

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Industrial Park Nea Raidestos / Thessaloniki
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130 sq.m.
George Savvatoupis / Gshot

A straightforward, frank outside-in overall approach with nothing in excess. Starting from the semi-independent ground floor building’s structure, the core of the space has been conceived, followed by the furnishings layout and lastly the understated material’s palette chosen to keep focus on the products’ display, as well as on the unexpected wrap-around views.

Resultantly, the drum-shaped concrete building’s contour, not thoroughly circular, is redintegrated by the internal insertion of two successive accurate rings on the ceiling.

The outer, plaster made lowest one, perceivable from outside, unifies the four square outside columns, whilst the higher second one defines the perimeter of the circular wooden’s grid structure, axially organized to the round column at the very center of the space (and loosely inspired by John Lautner’s circular wooden ceilings).

Avoiding all extraneous elements and imbuing the whole with a tempered minimalist, modernistic spirit we emphasized only on brand’s sign symbols, the establishment’s date, the wheat’s ear and the typical print of city’s port.