Terkenlis / Aristotelous

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90 sq.m.
George Savvatoupis / GShot

Accomplishing intangibleness through complexity.
Located in the ground floor of a listed and noteworthy building in the very historical centre, in function as the brand’s cradle from 1948 to present.
Our approach results a whole, rigorous, impressive, subtle though, manipulating and toning down the enormous complexity of functional and operational demands through meticulous handlings of successive layers of transparencies and reflectivities plus the methodical choice of several tinted greys of paintings and materials.
The reclaimed original equipments feature the respect to store’s history and course, present and protect the stability, so needed nowadays.
The overall design stands out beyond trends in order to last for life, not just a period, not a(nother) spell of success.

Overall study coordination Ioannis Anestidis
Construction Core Construction