Pied a’ terre

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Tsimiski / Thessaloniki
Project category
Apartment renovation
95 sq.m.
George Savvatoupis / Gshot

Renovation and overall general plan’s rearrangement of a typical middle-class 60’s apartment, assigned by two members of an Athens based family, father, businessman travelling all the time and son, student in Thessaloniki, both attached to sheer lines, simplicity and austerity.
Two oversized elements, a sofa and a table for working, dining and amusement, subserve the daily life habits, whilst differentiating two semi-separated “zones”, defined by the free standing TV divider.
A semi-open kitchen axially organized upon the table’s position, provides interaction while cooking and visual isolation using a sliding door.
The main corridor equipped with coats and shoes storage units, gives in its middle, access to two personal bathrooms, ending up to bedrooms.
The whole exudes a resonance of a delicate, obvious though, 50’s Athenian modernity influence, enhanced by the meticulous use of precise colours and iconic over the decades equipment features.

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