Local Bar / Redrafting

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Espresso Bar
30 sq.m
Vavdinoudis - Dimitriou / studiovd

The replacement of the previous glazing flooring and parts of claddings has been contrived as a result of new terms of operation and maintenance, respecting thoughtfully the original arrangement. The need of insertion of a stand-“type” bar in the facade, conducted the composition of different types of translucency and tints, glasses, and flammed-leather pietra grey marble, providing a 3-dimensional effect. The neutral and timeworn flooring has been replaced by a “pre-existing” synthesis type, as if the original has been partially patched with exodus granite and nero assoluto granite. The golden-galvanised steel plate, coated the permanently exposed to damages, part of the main round column. The overall wooden parts have been replaced by greek walnut solid wood.