Klea Fine Bakery / Sofouli

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A. Papandreou – T. Sofouli / Thessaloniki
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130 sq.m.
George Savvatoupis / Gshot

Although actual design era churns through trends, it seems there is always a place for true originality. Building’s itself contour and relation with its open surroundings, (extremely rare in overall city typology, appreciation and adapting through meticulous superposition of several mid modern and today’s ‘masters’ references, turn out to be enough.
As a result, the main partition walls (through sales area and back office) follow the under 45o facades, without ending up to the axial central concrete column, which the trapezoidal upper part remains intact and apparent.
The reduction of materials and colours, besides the coexistence of several subtle nuances, is also the key element that provides refinement. The principal accent features is a pendant light and the sun-bleached forest green marble screen at the coffee post.
The third small, principal though, façade is emphasized, by the intentionally minimized opening size and transformed as the main focus point of the whole signage area as well.
The overall graphic interior’s approach, especially the vertical chessboard pattern of blue pearl granite and Thasos marble inserted in hand made ceramic tiles cladding of outer columns, constitute a sincere tribute to Andree Putman whose work proved that good design doesn’t date. It is timeless.