Wassily Karalasos
architect engineer - interior designer
Karalasos Operaday Architects holds an experience, accumulated through over 25 years of work upon entertainment, hospitality, retail and residential projects. The firm acts as a key partner on every project, through high quality detailing, ambiance, familiarity and constant research upon materials, reclaimed on identification, overview and "redefinition" of each relevant successful enterprising activity. The process deals with all factors of overall design intervention, including custom made furniture, creating a whole aiming to enhance daily life activities. 1983: School of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 1985: D.E.A. U.E.R. de Philosophie Sorbonne, Paris 1987: Dipl. E.N.S.A.D. Paris, Section Architecture Interieure 2004: Confounder of “arkteam architects” 2013: Founder of “operaday architects”